• Wood Balm w/Side Towel & Bag (Select Size and Scent)


    Our unique lightly-scented varieties will not alter the taste or smell of food that comes in contact with treated surfaces. Enjoy the scent-sation upon application, but not the taste.

    Keep your Fox River Woodenware happy, healthy, and terrific with the same great all-natural food-safe product we used to finish it.

    Our balms are made with a mix of 100% pure beeswax and either filtered 100% pure walnut oil for our pure walnut variety, or scentless shelf-stable fractionated coconut oil and 100% pure USDA certified organic/wildcrafted essential oils (for our holy basil, lemongrass, cinnamon bark, and vanilla scented varieties). Both will moisturize, protect, and condition your woodenware; hardening into a food-safe satin finish.

    Both the 4oz and 8oz tins come in a canvas bag including a 100% cotton polishing cloth, and best use instructions. A little goes a long way, so expect the smaller 4oz tin to last quite a while. For larger treatments such as butcher block counters, larger cutting boards, or more frequent use, consider the 8oz option.