All Fox River Woodenware, boards, and bowls are true hand-crafted originals made without the use of grinding wheels, templates, or computer-guided carving tools.

Spoons and scoops are carved completely by hand from fresh-felled greenwood using only an axe, straight knife, and spoon or hook knife. Spatulas are rough-cut on a band saw, with the rest of the shaping and finish work done by hand. The hardwood cutting, bread, cheese, and serving boards are also hand-shaped, hand-sanded, and hand-finished in-house. And finally, our solid hardwood bowls are hand-turned by talented artisans at the Holland Bowl Mill, in Holland Michigan. 

Each piece is a true hand-crafted original. 


All Fox River Woodenware, boards, and bowls are finished using a mix of 100% pure beeswax and filtered 100% pure walnut oil; moisturizing and protecting the wood, and hardening into a food-safe satin finish. To keep your Fox River Woodenware happy, healthy, and terrific for years to come, hand-wash only with warm soapy water, never soak or place in the dishwasher, and treat occasionally with the same pure all-natural food-safe oil and wax-based Fox River Spoon Company Wood Balm that we use in our woodshop and kitchens.