Each piece of Fox River Woodenware is a authentic hand-crafted original.

Spoons and scoops are carved by hand from fresh felled greenwood using only an axe, straight knife, and spoon or hook knife. Bread, cheese, cutting, and serving boards are rough-cut using a saw with final shaping, sanding, and finishing work also done by hand. Our solid hardwood bowls are sourced exclusively from the Holland Bowl Mill (Holland, Michigan).

Our Woodenware comes with a lifetime moneyback guarantee.

Our Woodenware is finished using Fox River Spoon Company Wood Balm; a mix of pure beeswax and nut oil; conditioning, protecting, and hardening into a food-safe satin finish.

Fox River Woodenware is an affordable use-it-everyday indulgence, the perfect gift, or a kitchen keepsake that will last a lifetime.

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